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Poparazzi’s Popup

Poparazzi's Popup Popcorn Fundraiser
Popcorn Fundraiser 50% Profit

Located in Houston, TX, Poparazzi’s Popup Popcorn is a popcorn company focused on helping schools, organizations, and charity earn money through fundraising. We create fast, easy, profitable solutions, so you can raise more money, all year round.

Put Fun Into Your Fundraising

At Poparazzi’s Popup Popcorn, we’re all about meshing fun with your fundraising. Whether you’re organizing fundraising for your school, religious organization, charity organization, and more, you can trust us.

Over 100 Tasty Treats

With over 100 popcorn flavors to choose from, your supporters will never miss a favorite. And considering our affordable price, they may want to try each flavor which means more money for you!


Nutritional Info


At Poparazzi’s Popup Popcorn, we only pop kernels when you place an order. All our 100 flavors are handmade in batches so you’ll get the freshest, crunchy popcorns every time.

bake in

Even better we pop our popcorns in coconut oil.


Please note that our popcorns may contain salt, natural/artificial colors, and flavors. You may also find traces of peanuts and dairy since our kitchen processes items using these ingredients.

Up to 50% in profits


Why fundraise with Parparazzi’s Popup Popcorn?

No upfront costs

Earn up to 50% in profits

Everyone can participate

Profit payouts INSTANTLY

Over 100 flavors so everyone can find his favorite. Indeed, it’s fun and easier to sell

Constant support so we can guide you every step of your fundraising

New, fresh flavors to create more fun and excitement in every fundraiser.

Brochure Fundraising

With brochure fundraising, you’ll be able to raise funds for your school or other organizations while in session. And as always, Poparazzi’s Popup Popcorn guarantees:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Up to 50% in profits
  • Guaranteed success!

How We Do it…

Send in your application

Once your application is approved, we’ll set up a landing page for all group participants

Get your Brochures

The fundraising experts at Poparazzi’s Popup Popcorn will then provide brochures so you can direct people.


Customer Says

Online fundraising

At Poparazzi’s Popup Popcorn, we go out of our way to offer you an easier, smarter way to fundraise online. We want you to enjoy successful fundraising without the strugglers of traditional fundraising.

100% Online

You’ll not require any paperwork, no cash, and no product distribution. Even better, you’ll be able to conduct your fundraising from any location.

Get Up to 50% of Your Sales

From your total sales, you’ll receive up to 50% of your sales that you can channel towards your school or other organizations.

We Do All the Hard Work

The team at Poparazzi’s Popup Popcorn will prepare, pack, and then, ship the order to your supporters.

To schedule your next online fundraiser, please contact us today. And if you need more info about fun fundraising with Poparazzi’s Popup popcorn, drop us a message.



Always have a willing hand to help someone, you might be the only one that does

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Working Hours

Monday: 9am to 8pm

Weekend: 9am to 5pm



Located in Houston, TX, Poparazzi’s Popup Popcorn is a gourmet popcorn company focused on helping schools, organizations, and charity earn money through fundraising.